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A Glass Revolution

At TPRS, we've pioneered the glass supply chain for elevators and escalators across India, serving major OEMs and industry leaders with dedication and distinction.

Elevators and Escalators

Reliable Deliveries, World-Class Quality

Our commitment to world-class quality, trusted deliveries, and an efficient supply chain has been unwavering. Supported by our valued customers, what began as a modest endeavor, delivering just a few pieces per month, has evolved into a substantial monthly volume of over 2500 lift door glasses, 50+ escalators, customized interior panels, and fire-rated door glasses.

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Our solutions

Car door and Landing door, Double and triple laminated glass, Countersunk holes lamination, Step Laminated glass, Multip-Layered laminated glass

Borosilicate laminated glass, Gel-filled laminated glass

Mirror panels, Digitally printed themes, Special mesh laminated glass

Curved laminates glass, smart glass.

Anti Skid, Digitally printed glasses

Large shaped glass panels with high polish, LED light glasses, Printed glasses, Rainbow glasses

Make the call today and let's shape the future of your projects together.

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Our experts are ready to guide you through our innovative products and choose the best solution for your project cost-wise and value-wise.