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TUFFSAFE is a fully tempered (also called toughened or fully toughened) glass that is four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness. The additional mechanical and thermal stress resistance capabilities enable use of TUFFSAFE in a variety of application space such as facades, interior partitions, frameless glazing, shower cubicles and furniture. At TPRS Glass, TUFFSAFE is manufactured in one of four electric horizontal roller-hearth tempering lines. Both lines are equipped with a high-powered top-and-bottom convection heating system that enables heat-treatment of the most advanced coatings available in the market. Along with this the machines are equipped with an advanced and precise cooling (or quenching) system to ensure minimum levels of iridescence and very high glass flatness.


Clear fully toughened (tempered) glass
Extra clear fully toughened (tempered) glass
Tinted fully toughened (tempered) glass
Solar-control coated fully toughened (tempered) glass
Low-E coated fully toughened (tempered) glass
Silver low-E coated fully toughened (tempered) glasses


Process Type Horizontal Roller-Hearth Convection Furnace
Glass Types Clear, extra clear, tinted, solar-control coated, low-E coated
Additional Processing Capabilities Ceramic-frit, Innovink digital printing, sand-blasting, acid-etching, holes, cut-outs and notches
Product Enhancement Can be converted to ECOSAFE (insulated glass) and LAMISAFE (laminated glass)
Edge Types Rough grind, arise, super polished
Compressive Strength (Surface) 69 MPa (10,000 psi) minimum
Glass Thickness 4 mm to 25 mm


Minimum Size 50 mm X 50 mm
Maximum Size 3000 mm X 5000 mm (8 to 12 mm) 2440 mm X 3660 mm (4 mm and 5 mm) 3000 mm X 5100 mm (6 mm) 19mm to 25mm available on request

TUFFSAFE is processed as per BIS 2553 Part I & II. EN12150

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