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Leader on
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since 2005

Earned Trust

Decades of Experience

TPRS is one of India’s leading glass innovators with a 25-year track record of highly successful collaborations for esteemed clients across Asia and Europe.

  • Our company was founded by our Chairman, Mr. TPRS Sundaravel, an engineering and management graduate, who believes that business is a way of life and that our organization’s most important responsibility is to uplift the lives of its members. Therefore, our success is achieved by enabling each other to shine each passing day and to uphold firm belief in transparency, hard work, and credibility.

Manufacturing Locations


Discover TPRS Group’s remarkable journey, from its inception in 1993 to becoming a pioneer in the glass processing industry, upholding global quality standards and contributing to prestigious projects.

Empowering Excellence


TPRS’s capabilities are versatile and dynamic, always ready to adapt to the changing demands of the market, therefore, helping our clients leverage new opportunities as they emerge.


Qualified engineers to ensure product & process compliance to international standards product documentation and procedures.


Inhouse graphic design team.Inhouse product development team.Inhouse die making team for curved glasses.


CNC cutting machine, waterjet machine, Forvet machine for highly precise cutting.


WorkCentre machine, CNC polishing and various machining process to achieve all your requirements with complete aesthetics.


We print durable single or multi-colored textures, designs or photorealistic images to merge with your theme.


Step lamination & multi-layered lamination.


Switchable glass for easy transition.


Curved panel for greater visibilityWe have inhouse die making team to provide endless solutions.


All type of safety package done inhouse.Fleet of vehicles for timely delivery at your end.


TPRS is specialized in processing glasses with minimal distortion.
Our Vision

To become the supplier of choice for premium glass solutions driven by ethical, sustainable, and innovative business processes.

About Us
Our Mission

To remain accountable and resilient as we anticipate and rethink the future, leverage new opportunities, pursue innovation through PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to meet the dynamic needs of our customers, and impact lives around the world.

Empowering Excellence

Our Guiding Principles

At TPRS Glass, our core values drive everything we do. They form the bedrock of our company culture, guiding our actions, decisions, and interactions with clients and partners. Our commitment to these principles ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional glass solutions and exceed expectations. Our core values are:


We embrace innovation, continuously exploring new technologies and techniques to stay at the forefront of the glass industry.


Uncompromising quality is the hallmark of our products and services, reflecting our commitment to excellence.


We are dedicated to sustainable practices, respecting the environment and minimizing our ecological footprint.


Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. We listen to their needs, provide personalized solutions, and offer outstanding customer service throughout the journey.
Earned Trust

Our Promises

In everything we do - processes, products, and relationships, we uphold our motto, QSPI, as it is the sole reason behind our esteemed success.

We will always deliver outstanding results in performance, services, products, and everything else we hold dear.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and work continuously towards optimizing our processes so that they become increasingly reliable.

 TPRS is a professionally managed, systems-driven company with our Chairman as the first employee. Because we aim to deliver only the best, we have become advocates of the digital transformation journey as we increasingly seek better ways to automate our operations and achieve seamless transparency. 

We are obsessed with staying ahead of our given market to provide innovative and valuable products to the Indian market. We will continuously find better and more efficient products that impact lives.

Earned Trust

Our Core Values

TPRS strives to maintain the highest levels of integrity in all our operations and transactions with our competitors, customers, vendors, and partners.

At the core of our business success is the belief in premium grade glassware, built to exceed the expectations of our clients and to drive their success. 

TPRS comprises a group of high-performing, future-oriented people in an atmosphere that supports, embraces, and encourages their passion for developing a new generation of glass products.

We are prudent pioneers and passionate about innovation. Our love for the environment and giving value to our customers are key drivers to our continuously evolving business scenarios.

TPRS is guided by an enduring set of reputable processes that define our relationships with our employees, customers, and partners to achieve repeatable growth and consistent success.

our team

Meet the people who take risks

Experience the brilliance of our dynamic and dedicated team, where expertise meets creativity. Together, we shape visionary glass solutions, leaving a lasting impact on every project. Get to know the faces driving innovation at TPRS.

David Green

Senior Engineer

Natalie Jones

HR Manager

Nick Carter

Project Manager

Sandra Lee

Commercial Director
Innovative Solutions for Distinctive Results

Custom solutions, unique manufacturing process and quality crafted by experience

The TPRS Promise

When we say the TPRS Promise, it is not just words; it's a commitment from 1200+ families, and we take it seriously.