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Company Overview

TPRS is one of India’s leading glass innovators with a 25-year track record of highly successful collaborations for esteemed clients across India and Europe.

Our company was founded by our Chairman, Mr. TPRS Sundaravel, an engineering and management graduate, who believes that business is a way of life and that our organization’s most important responsibility is to uplift the lives of its members. Therefore, our success is achieved by enabling each other to shine each passing day and to uphold firm belief in transparency, hard work, and credibility.

Although we are based out of Pondicherry, we have diverse glass manufacturing units across Dharwad (Karnataka) and Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu), India. TPRS applies remarkable expertise in glass science, advanced technological processes, and superior materials to develop premier glass products that transform lives and industries. We strongly believe in delivering the highest standards of quality because we care deeply about forging long-standing relationships with our customers.

TPRS’s capabilities are versatile and dynamic, always ready to adapt to the changing demands of the market, therefore, helping our clients leverage new opportunities as they emerge. 

We strive to give life to customers’ journeys and have pioneered the enhancement of standards in the glass processing industry by complying with Indian, European, Australian, and other international standards. Even more, we thrive on relationships – beginning from our employees to vendors and customers. We are a family of 1200+ people with women representing over 20% of our team. We are a diverse mix, with energetic newcomers and experienced old-timers, and continue to expand as we keep pace with the growing demands.

Today, our markets extend beyond traditional B2B and B2C markets. We deliver display, digital printed glass, automotive, glass for interiors architectural glass solutions, and beyond. Our production exceeds over 1 million square meters of glass every year across the Southern part of India. We are part of multiple corporate projects (such as Infosys, Syntel, Netapp), government projects (such as the Statue of Unity, ISRO), and other commercial and residential projects. We are the first Saint-Gobain co-branded glass processor in India and have pioneered the processing of most double and triple silver performance glasses of Saint-Gobain. As part of our co-branding arrangement, our process and product quality are assured by Saint-Gobain through concurrent process validation.

Our accomplishments are endless, and it’s no wonder we have built an unparalleled reputation for extraordinary quality and service.