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What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Laminated Glass

You can actually use the type of glass that protects you while in a car to protect your house or business. This is the laminated glass for you: beauty and security in one. This high-tech fabric not only gives the aspect of safety and protection but also has many merits over the other conventional materials and this is the reason as to why it is suitable for use.

Let’s think about a material that will also enable the viewing of the outside environment and at the same time enhance the security and energy efficiency of houses and other structures. This may seem like something from the movie tomorrow or the future; however, this is a reality with laminated glass. Laminated glass has revolutionised the world of windows and glass doors making it much better than ordinary glass in so many ways.

This is the most sought after product in today’s architecture and design; let us introduce you to the stunning world of laminated glass.

What Exactly Is Laminated Glass?

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?


Laminated glass can be defined as a type of safety glass that is produced in a way that the fragments will not easily fly off when the glass is broken or shattered compared to the normal glass. It is made of two or more glass panes with a polymer plastic layer which can be PVB or EVA placed between the layers of glass. This interlayer prevents the layers of glass from completely breaking apart even if some of the layers are cracked; in this way, the glass does not pose a danger of flying into large pieces that can harm people.

Laminated glass was first applied in the automobile industry specifically in the windscreen but it has become popular in other areas like homes, offices, and even in public buildings. It is a type of glass that has a composition of multiple layers of glass that are laminated together with a polymer interlayer and is considered as one of the safest and most durable glasses.

Laminated Glass : A Detailed Definition

Laminated glass is a kind of glass that has two or more panes of glass with a layer of plastic that can be PVB, EVA or any other polymer based material in between them.  This interlayer is used to hold the two or more layers of glass together in a manner that even when it is broken, the glass does not shatter into very big sharp pieces.  There are other benefits that come with the interlayer such as, it reduces the sound transmission through the glass, protects against the uv rays and it offers better insulation against heat.  Laminated glass is available in different thickness, colour, and finish since the design and functionality of the glass can be customised.  Due to this design, it is robust and can withstand impacts that are normal in most uses; it brings about safety, security, noise Barrier, and energy efficiency.

The Mechanism Behind Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is more than a simple piece of glass, it is a product of nowadays engineering which consists of several layers bonded together to create a rather versatile material. The working principle of laminated glass can be understood by its manufacturing process and the characteristics of the materials used in it.

Manufacturing Process:

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Laminated glass is produced by adhering at least two glass sheets with an outer layer in the middle, usually PVB or EVA. The process starts with the cleaning of the glass sheet to make it free from any foreign material that can hinder the process. The interlayer is then laid on the two layers of glass before they are sandwiched together. This assembly is then heated and pressed in an autoclave which helps to fuse the layers. The heat makes the interlayer to be sticky and it can easily bond to the glass surfaces and the pressure makes it bond evenly without any air pockets.

Strength and Durability:

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Laminated glass depends on the glass layers and the interlayer to provide the required strength as opposed to normal glass. Thus, even if some of the glass layers crack under the impact, the interlayer plays the role of a shock-absorber, which helps to spread the force across the entire surface. This ensures that the glass does not break into small pieces that are lethal. However, the fragments are still bonded to the interlayer, thus minimising the chances of harm.

Safety Features:

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

This is due to the fact that laminated glass will not break into small pieces when it is cracked or shattered. The PVB or EVA interlayer captures the glass particles and keeps them together; hence, ensuring the integrity of the barrier is maintained. This is especially the case in applications where fragmented glass could prove to be a menace, including car windshields, building windows and doors. It also boosts the glass’s integrity against penetration, thus, it is difficult for people or things to penetrate it.

Various Perks Of Laminated Glass

Why do we use laminated glasses instead of the normal and other various kinds available ? obviously there exist some wow factors that makes it an unique one . Let’s look into some of the benefits of laminated glass

1. Enhanced Safety

Normal glass on the other hand when broken will shatter into small pieces making it very dangerous to use. Thus, when an impact occurs, the glass may crack and develop chippings but the interlayer would ensure that the fragments do not fly and may hurt someone. For the above mentioned benefits, laminated glass is appropriate to be used in areas of high threat such as in cars, buildings and doors. Furthermore, laminated glass is safer than normal glass; this is because it helps occupants and owners of the building to live without unnecessary fears.

2. Increase Security

This type of glass is also preferred for its security feature over the normal glass since it is laminated. The middle layer of the laminated glass is to ensure that the intruder is somehow delayed in his or her attempt to break through the glass. It remains a very effective barrier even if the glass is in a cracked state; no one will be able to forcefully enter the house. This makes laminating of glass very ideal in places where there is need for higher security like shops, banks and other secure places. Due to the formation of a strong barrier, laminated glass can therefore provide property owners with a lot of protection against theft, vandalism and other forms of hostile entry.

3. Sound Insulation

Laminated glass is also effective in reducing the noise transfer properties of the glass, which is another major benefit. The middle layer in the laminated glass is designed in a way that it minimises sound vibrations thus it offers good soundproofing. This makes laminated glass suitable to be incorporated in constructions that are developed in areas that are prone to noise such as in places near busy highways, airports or even in the middle of the city. This in turn makes the indoor environment a quieter one and therefore comfortable for the occupiers, thus enhancing the quality of life and work output.

4. UV Protection

It also contains an added advantage of being effective in shielding the skin against the sun’s deadly ultra violet rays. The type of interlayer incorporated in laminated glass can prevent up to ninety nine percent of the ultraviolet rays from the sun from penetrating through, therefore, preventing fading and deterioration of furniture, paintings and other textiles due to exposure to solar radiation. By this, it implies that laminated glass is suited to be used in places where there is a need to block UV rays such as in homes, museums and other commercial buildings. Hence, laminated glass plays a vital role in preserving the qualities and aesthetics of internal spaces, which in turn affects the value of the property positively.

5. Energy Efficiency

Also, laminated glass can also be of benefit in energy conservation as it increases the thermal insulation. Interlayers are used in laminated glasses whereby the layer serves to lessen the transfer of heat thus help in controlling the interior temperatures and the energy that is used in the heating and cooling of the interiors. This can lead to the use of less energy and the occupants of the building are more comfortable. Moreover, by reducing the utilisation of the heating and cooling systems, the laminated glass helps in saving energy and thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. That is why laminated glass can be recommended for use in energy saving structures such as homes and offices.

Consequently, laminated glass has the following benefits; it enhances the security, safety, noise control, protection from uv rays and has better energy efficiency. Due to its flexibility and strength, it is applied in many industries; it is employed in automobiles, windshields, buildings, doors and windows and MANY more. Laminated glass is one of the most popular materials in the present society and is widely incorporated in construction and design to protect people from possible hazards, enhance security, reduce noise pollution, preserve the internal sections of buildings, and boost energy efficiency.

Major Application Areas Of Laminated Glass

1. Automotive Industry

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Laminated glass is widely used in cars especially in the windscreen of the car since it offers protection in cases of accidents. Laminated glass windshields are more effective because even when the glass is cracked it does not fall apart into small fragments and therefore cannot harm the passengers in the event of an accident. Also, laminated glass helps in minimising the noise that may be transferred from the road to the interior of the car, thus, giving an individual a quieter ride.

2. Building windows and doors

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Laminated glass is widely used in the storefronts, entrances and partitions of commercial buildings and by using it businesses get an added level of protection while maintaining the looks of the building. Also, there is the aspect of energy efficiency through the reduction of heat transfer in a bid to conserve energy that would have been used in the heating and cooling systems.

3. Skylights and Facades

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Another use of the laminated glass is in construction of the skylight and fa?ade which are incorporated in the architectural designs to allow the natural light to pass through and also to beautify the structure. These are glass roof lights that are laminated to let in natural light into the interior spaces and at the same time protect the interior spaces from elements. Laminated glass is commonly used for its enhanced safety feature hence can be used for overhead glazing since chances of breaking are high.

4. Public Infrastructure

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Besides the mentioned, laminated glass is used in public facilities like bus stops, train stations, and pedestrian overpasses. These applications include protection of the pedestrians and commuters while at the same time coping with wear and tear and even weather conditions. Also, it can be used in balustrades and railings in public places because it does not obstruct one’s vision yet provides support.

5. Specialty Applications

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

In addition to the above mentioned uses, laminated glass finds applications in various specialty sections where properties of the material are called for. Laminated glass is used in the production of hurricane resistant windows and doors which are popular in regions that are prone to storm and floods to protect against flying debris and storms. It is also used in blast resistant glazing, in buildings like government offices and the military barracks.

6. Glass Partitions and Room Dividers

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

Laminated glass is an essential component in interior design and construction since it is used to create glass partitions and sliding doors that are used in offices, houses and other establishments. These partitions provide an illusion of more space to the room and at the same time it provides a barrier to any unwanted glance while at the same time enabling one to see through to the other area. Laminated glass partitions have the added advantage of safety since they are made in a way that one cannot easily penetrate through.

7. Glass Flooring and Staircases

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

In today’s architectural designs, laminated glass is used in the construction of the floors and stairs to create the want and also let in more light through the structures. The use of laminated glass on the floors and stair treads adds elegance to the structure while at the same time maintaining the much needed strength and safety. The interlayer in laminated glass hence acts as a shield in that the glass cannot easily break or get chipped by pressure from people walking on it.

8. Furniture and Decorative Applications

Glass Applications in Interior Design

This type of glass is also used in furniture and decorative purposes to give a clear look to the interior design. Therefore, the tabletops, shelves, and cabinets in laminated glass give a fashionable and contemporary look while at the same time they are strong and safe. The type of glass used in the tables, shelves, and cabinets like the laminated glass make the room to have a modern touch and also being protective and durable. Back-painted laminated glass panels and laminated glass artworks are also utilised in decoration of residential and commercial buildings.

9. Art Installations and Exhibits

What is Laminated Glass and What are the Benefits?

It is used in artistic stuff and museums to protect the art pieces and other valuables from breaking or stealing. Consequently, the safety features of laminated glass give the works the protection they require, which in turn reassures museum directors. Furthermore, laminated glass can be incorporated into architectural designs as well as other artworks to create very attractive and appealing designs and works that would catch the attention of any observer.

Hence, laminated glass is used in different fields and industries such as automotive, construction, public buildings, and others. Owing to these striking features like flexibility, strength, and other unique properties, it is considered as an important product in design and construction and can offer safety, shelter, and aesthetics in many areas. Laminated glass can either be used as a barrier to protect people from harm’s way, enhance security features, reduce noise or increase the insulation of any structure .This makes the environment safe, secure and efficient in regard to energy usage.

Thus, it is safe to say that laminated glass is a highly versatile and valuable product that is progressively changing the concepts of safety, security, and aesthetics in the contemporary world. From the windshields of our cars to the construction of our buildings, laminated glass is now found virtually everywhere.

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