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Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass?

Laminated safety glass is the innovation in the synthetic material that can provide numerous opportunities for the home and business places. It provides a completely amazing value due to its innovative design, as well as establishing an all-round application which is perfect to optimise security and safety, to reduce the risk of fire, and improve warmth and insulation.

Here is the list of the main Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass, each further explained and followed by questions that should provoke your curiosity.

1. SUPERIOR SAFETY : Who is Susceptible to be Injured by Shattered Glass


Did you ever care about the possible danger of glass and particularly when it breaks? Tempered glass is laminated so it does not break into many pieces; its interlayer contains polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This means that many sharp and dangerous shards will not be flying around thereby grossly minimising the rate of accidents. It is most advantageous in homes having children or animals since the safety of the house is highly valued.

2. ENHANCED SECURITY : A Strong Defense Line Against for Intruders

Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass?

On the scale of 1-10, how safe or comfortable are you on your own? Safety glass is much harder than the normal glass to be broken through and thus adds the security measure against intruders. Between the layers, there is smooth glass which makes it hard for anyone to get in or to destroy the layer. This extra layer of protection can be such a strong discouragement, allowing you peace of mind and security to either your home or business.

3. NOISE REDUCTION : Paying attention to ways that could lead to a reduction of noise in a child care centre.

Has the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood started becoming unbearable to your ears? Laminated safety glass is also good at matters concerning the reduction of sound penetration. Thus, the interlayer works to damp sound waves in such a way that most of the sound is unable to penetrate through the glass. This makes it an ideal choice for houses that are located near very busy roads, working spaces in very noisy business districts or virtually any place where quiet is prized.

4. UV Protection : Protecting Your Furnishings and Finishes From Fading

Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass?

You should know that UV rays that get into your room can actually dampen your furnishing and artwork. Laminated safety glass prevents up to 99% of hazardous UV rays from penetrating your car and damaging the internal trim. This implies that your furniture, carpets and artwork will not fade and will stay appealing for a longer time thus cutting on your expenses on replacements of faded furniture, carpets and wall art works.

5. Energy Efficiency : Energy Saving Tips That Will Help Reduce Your Bills

Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass?

Do you want to know how to minimise the expenses on the energy you use? Safety glass laminated has an insulating characteristic that will keep the temperature inside the building constant. This decreases the heat conductivity allowing your space to be cooler when it is hot outside and warmer when it is cold. This will help in resulting in less heating and cooling requirements thereby making the home or office more efficient and conservation oriented.

6. Protection from Natural Disasters : When Visual Storms are Likely to Occur

Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass?

Have you put up your storm kit yet? Tempered safety glass laminated can be an extra covering due to natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Its nature of being solid when split can contribute to offer you enhanced protection from wind and other chucks during a storm.

7. Enhanced Property Value : This is a smart investment

Advantages Of Using Laminated Safety Glass?

We should not take chances of our future to an uncontrolled Economy Market fluctuations should not control our lives. Looking at the long-term benefits that your property can give? Laminated safety glass will also add more value to your home or commercial property once it is fitted in the building. Future customers and lessees will find it beneficial since laminated glass is safer, more secure and energy efficient. It finally makes sense because it makes financial sense as spending money now can be rewarded by an improving and increased market value of your property.