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Frosted glasses are available for patterns, designs, single/ double-sided applications.

Colour Laminated Glass available in transparent and translucent types

Stacked Glass units for artistic and sculptural applications.

Customized Insulated Glass units, including spider glazing, blinds/ louvers, etc. for home and commercial spaces.

Multi-layer Laminated Glass for durable, shatterproof and safe with smooth bevelled edges for versatile applications.

Flexible glass solutions that can be bent into any shape/ profile cut glass

Allows you to switch between opaque and transparent views for shower cubicles, Fin Glasses & Interior and Partition glasses.

Digitally Printed and Ceramic Print Fritted Glass for photo-realistic images, patterns, and designs including anti-skid printing, special glitter designs, and metallic colour configurations.

Our photovoltaic toughened safety glass is ideal for building facades, curtain walls, etc. It has been tested under restrictive conditions to achieve higher acoustic insulations and can be further personalized to our customer’s specifications.

Acoustic glass consists of two panes of glass laminated with polyvinyl butyral to give the appearance of a single glass pane while reducing external noise by 60%. It is ideal for applications in health care environments, institutional buildings, etc.

TPRS’s High-Performance Glass is a series of glass products personalized to offer optimum design flexibility, superior energy efficiency, and unique visual applications. Depending on your needs, we can provide all types of high-performance glasses for Insulating/ Single Glazing Units.

Digital printed glass is durable, accurate, flexible, and excellent, where the limitations of screen printing become a problem. It can be specially formulated for diverse decorative, interior, exterior, and automotive applications.