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Digital Printing on Glass

TPRS is the only Indian Processor that has the World’s prestigious (Dip-Tech) Digital Glass Printing Machine. Through this capability and a dedication to excellence, we can print premier, photo-quality graphics, text, images, logos, patterns, and designs onto glass products for a wide variety of applications such as windows, mirrors, and many more. 

Our glass products are highly versatile for a variety of personal and commercial applications allowing a seamless blend of creativity and highly controlled functionality. We can customise according to your design and colour combinations with guaranteed high efficiency and timely service. 

Key Specification (Dip-Tech)

  • Maximum Print Size: 2400 x 4000 (mm)
  • Minimum Print size: 300 x 200 (mm)
  • Optimum Glass Thickness: 3-19 (mm)